Harvey Milk Day: "Pro-Family" Group Says Kids Need to Skip School Today and Plug Their Ears

It's that time of the year when Save California, a "family values group" (aka anti-gay group) begs parents to keep their kids home from school today so as to not expose the children to anything related to Harvey Milk, the gay rights activist who was assassinated at City Hall in 1978.

Today would be his 83rd birthday, and to honor Milk, California public schools plan to teach students all about the contributions of the city's first openly gay supervisor. And that really freaks Save California out. The "pro-children" group has been running controversial radio ads, asking rhetorical questions like "why is a predator of teens being honored in schools?"

You can watch the video if you're really interested in the group's message, but it's the same 'ol, same 'ol. Specifically, the group is upset that the kids are taught all about Milk without getting parents' permission. "Children belong to their parents, not to the government. And so, if government schools are sexually indoctrinating children, it's up to the parents to number one, protect their children and two, protest and tell these schools don't do it again," says Randy Thomasson with SaveCalifornia.com.

However, Harvey Milk Day became state law in 2009 when lawmakers decided it was time youngsters became more aware of the slain Civil Rights leader's contributions to the gay community.

Who knows how many parents will actually hire a babysitter to watch their kids (which is probably definitely more iffy than educating them), but lawmakers up in Sacramento, especially those who are homosexual, say this call for skipping class is ridiculous. It's a particularly bad idea, officials say, since schools lose money for every student that's absent.

It's not something Save California can really avoid much longer; another California law mandates that the next time textbooks are updated, gay history must be included.

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What he was NOT a civil right leader?? WTF?? King and Cesar Chavez was! They were for the People no matter who they were! Milk only cared about GAY people!!!

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