Go to Burlingame and Eat a Lion

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Don't cry, we hear you taste delicious
A new item on the menu at a Bay Area restaurant has pitted foodies against animal activists.

Mokutanya Yakitori Restaurant in Burlingame is now serving lion's meat, which is reportedly as tough as the animal itself. The restaurant, which is known for its exotic meats, including peacock and swan, received its first shipment of the cat meat yesterday.

And it's not cheap.

As CBS News reports, the meat, which is farm-raised African lion shipped from from Illinois, costs $70 for one skewer, which is three cubes or five ounces of meat.

"I had it last year. And then I sold out in a week," Jason Li of Mokutanya told CBS.

But animal lovers are roaring mad about this one; only a few other restaurants in the country reportedly serve the yummy (?) feline.

Brandy Kuentzel, spokeswoman with the SF SPCA acknowledged that while it's not illegal to serve lion on the menu, it's certainly not nice. She noted the animal is already listed as a threatened species and is at risk of going extinct.

But what's done is done, and the restaurant has at least two weeks worth of lion's meat to sell, so if you're feeling brave, head on down to the Peninsula and dine on some lion -- it could be the only chance for you to eat it before it eats you.

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Eating a lion is not only one of the top 10 most disgusting acts I can possibly imagine a human being doing in the Bay Area, but it is exactly the sort of self-entitled, callous bullshit that I have come to expect from our young-money, zero-class, high-tech snob “elites.”

What's next?  Paying homeless people to play Russian roulette so that 25 year-old Google employees can save money on Viagra?

Stay classy, rich kids.  

Your hubris is off the charts.


If you want to eat cats, there are plenty of nonendangered species for you to choose from.


Handling wild-carnivore carcasses can be dangerous,  Luke Hunter, president of Panthera, a U.S. based wild-cat conservation group that works with National Geographic's Big Cats Initiative. Hunter said. Since the predators end up eating so many different animals, they accumulate parasites and diseases. In 2007, for instance, a biologist in Arizona contracted primary pneumatic plague after dissecting a cougar carcass and died shortly after..  As a Carnivore lions eat other animals and the circuses and petting zoos do not buy filet. These animals get slaughterhouse scraps including eyes, brains and spinal cords, all sources of spongiform encephalopathy. Try and find a "Lion Meat Farm" anywhere in the United States.  There is no such thing as Farm Raised Lion. These Lions are simply a by produce of circuses and petting zoos.  The meat is not FDA or USDA inspected or approved and can have any level of growth hormones, antibiotics, medicines or steroids in it, since it was never meant for human consumption. It is a matter of public health.


John Favorite
John Favorite

No. But I would taste a spoonful of human if I was say...stumbling around the jungle in Borneo and happened upon a tribe of cannibals.

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