Facebook vs. Eminem: Pissed-Off Rapper Says Mark Zuckerberg Ripped Off His Beats

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don't you love it when billionaires get into it?
Eminem, the prolific and profane rapper, is suing fellow billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO whose idea of irreverence is adding tickers to your Facebook wall.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Eminem claims Facebook stole the beats, melody, etc. from his 2000 hit "Under the Influence." The Bay Area social media giant ran an ad for its new Facebook Home app on April 4, featuring a song with beats eerily similar to Eminem's dirty ditty about popping pills and sucking his dick.

Eminem wasn't the first one to think Zuckerberg was trying to tap his inner Slim Shady.

Here's Zuckerberg's Eminem-sounding ad:

The complaint claims the ad agency, Wieden+Kennedy of Portland, Oregon, copied Eminem's music "in an effort to curry favor with Facebook by catering to Zuckerberg's personal likes and interests, and/or to invoke the same irreverent theme" of the rapper's song.

Now for Eminem's NSFW song:

If this were a competition over Facebook friends, Eminem, who has 70 million-plus friends, would kill (figuratively speaking) Zuckerberg and his 17 million followers.

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You cannot copyright a progression, it's not a sample of the original beat, and the melody is different enough to be easily discernible. How about making a new album or touring instead of suing Zuck on a weak case?

Jill Carbone
Jill Carbone

Get 'em Em! Not the first time Zuckerberg ripped off an idea...

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