Facebook Pisses-Off Local Environmentalists With Keystone XL Ads

Will probably call in sick today
If it's not breast-feeding mommies, then it's pipeline-hating enviros going after Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.

Today, Bay Area activists who are "mystified and angered" by recent TV ads in favor of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline will descend on Facebook's global headquarters to launch their rage at Zuckerberg.

Why Facebook, you ask? Well, it appears Zuckerberg's FWD.us group is running those national TV ads, which feature pipeline supporter Sen. Lindsey Graham, regurgitating the following:

"The president says I'm for 'all of the above' when it comes to energy. Well, those are words coming out of his mouth. They don't come from his heart. No Keystone pipeline. No drilling in the Gulf. At the end of the day, the economy is not doing well."

Outraged, the local activists are headed to the Facebook offices in Menlo Park at 11:45 a.m. to deliver a petition, organized by CREDO, signed by more than 18,500 people demanding on Zuckerberg to stop funding the ads.

Per the petitioners:

Facebook has made commitments to drop coal from its energy mix due to concerns over climate change, which leaves many questioning why its founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, would spend millions in support of the Keystone XL pipeline, among the dirtiest projects on earth. The fight over KXL has energized millions and has become a real test of President Obama's commitment to dealing with the climate crisis. Keystone would transport 830,000 thousand barrels a day of the world's dirtiest oil and would open up development of the Canadian tar sands, among the largest carbon bombs on the planet.

A decision on the pipeline is expected this fall.

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haggie topcommenter

He might as well be clubbing harp seals.

I'm sure he'll spend his billions to clean up the environmental damage? Right?

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