Elections Department Publicizes Wrong Election Date

A day late. A dollar short, too?
If the city intended to give Jon Golinger a heart attack, it came ever so close. 

The up-and-coming city political kvetch has been running a full-court press for the coming ballot initiative targeting the 8 Washington development. 

He's been telling everyone -- really, everyone -- to head to the polls on Nov. 5 and vote down the proposed luxury condo tower. He's printed thousands of banners urging the same and noting the Nov. 5 date. So, you can imagine the near cardiac arrest when Golinger visited the Elections Department webpage -- which noted our forthcoming Nov. 6 general election. 

It turns out, however, that Golinger wasn't giving bad advice. The Elections Department has listed the wrong date for the election. 

The first clue is that Nov. 6 is a Wednesday -- and we vote on Tuesdays. Also, further clicks on the Nov. 6 link take one to pages listing the accurate date of Nov. 5. 

Messages left over the weekend for Elections chief John Arntz have not yet been returned. 

In the meantime, Golinger wants you to show up on Nov. 5. And guess how he wants you to vote?

Update, 4 p.m.
Elections head John Arntz explains that a template for the Nov. 6, 2012 election was used for this year's web display. While the year was correctly altered, the date, sadly, was not.

That change was made this morning; the wrong date had only been on display since Thursday. "You're the only call we got on this," Arntz says. He's confident people will show up to vote on the correct day: "I think people will catch on." 

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