SFPD Offers "Tasty" Mocktail Recipes So You Don't Get Hammered This Weekend

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Well, that's one way of drinking water
It's that time of the year when you're granted a long weekend -- and one that promises nice weather. But just because you can BBQ and beach, doesn't mean you can get drunk and drive.

If you do, there will be plenty of cops out there to get you.

Starting tonight, San Francisco police along with the California Highway Patrol will be out in force ready to bust you for either being a drunk driver or a shitty sober driver. Whichever it is, it'll ruin one of the few three-day weekends you have this year.

But don't worry, police have created a list of delicious-looking mocktail options which means you can still "drink" and have fun.

Here's a few of our personal favorites:


If none of those look tasty to you, then go ahead and booze all you want, but just be sure to arrange a ride home before you hit the bottle -- a ride that doesn't make you the designated driver; eat plenty of food and drink tons of water; try to limit the amount of drinks you consume in 60 minutes, like drink one or two over several hours as opposed to one or two in 20 minutes.

If you can't follow those simple rules, then have fun spending your long weekend in jail.

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