Humans Force Local Dogs to Celebrate Canine's Birthday in Stupid Party Hats

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Joe Eskenazi

With all the horrific news of puppy abuse cases we'd figure readers could use a little pick-me-up. So while you sip your Cuppa Joe check out these adorable photos of dogs observing their fellow canine's day of birth.

The pup party was held over the weekend in McLaren Park, a popular dog spot. Unfortunately, we can't be sure who the birthday boy or girl was, since they all look equally displeased.

But this photo series provides us more questions than answers. For starters, what exactly makes for a good great dog gala? We can only assume from the dogs' perspective it would mean a day of extra special butt-sniffing, some pointless barking, rolling around in the grass without a care in the world, capped off with endless access to dog treats.

Joe Eskenazi

What it doesn't mean is strapping these party hats on their heads and barking a few rounds of birthday ditties just to please their owners.

Joe Eskenazi

For what it's worth, we think they look darling, which confirms we're indeed human.

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