Cecilia Zamora, Purple-Haired Missing Woman, Found Shot Dead in Pacifica

San Bruno Police Department
Cecilia Zamora
San Bruno police found the body of 37-year-old Cecilia Zamora, the San Francisco woman who went missing nearly three months ago.

According to San Bruno Lt. Geoff Caldwell, Zamora's body was found on Gateway Drive in Pacifica last Saturday afternoon. She had been shot one time, Caldwell said.

"I can't describe the manner [of her death] or who located the body, it's still under investigation," Caldwell told us.

What he did say was that police have identified a person of interest and are investigating this as a homicide case. The person of interest has been taken into custody on an unrelated matter in a different jurisdiction, Caldwell said.

"It was not a random act," Caldwell said. "It was very specific, there was a relationship between the two, but what the relationship was I am not prepared to comment."

Zamora, who was known for her dyed hair, was first reported missing on Feb. 16. A week later, police followed up on tips that she had been spotted somewhere in San Bruno.

Caldwell says he believes Zamora had been dead for several weeks when she was found.

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I'm not sure why Saturday afternoon is being given as the date the body was found. A mobile command post, the county coroner, a forensics van, and about 6-8 patrol cars were at Gateway Drive from 10pm-1am last Friday night to Saturday morning. I assume that was why...


q4q4 - I live close to gateway... Which side of gateway did they find her?


@atetaffy The southern end-the more residential side, not the side with the Fairmont Shopping Center. The vehicles were all around one of the apartment complex parking lots, but I don't know where they actually found the body.

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