It's Bike to Work Day So Get Out of Your Car and Get on Your Tandem

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It's bike to work day, lazy! Go to your basement, dust off that bike seat and start pedaling your way to the office -- at least do it today.

Besides it won't kill you to bike a little more (assuming you dodged that Muni bus) and drive a little less. If you can't do it for the environment at least do it for the free coffee.

Today is like Christmas Morning for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition which plans to stage volunteers throughout the city to cheer on people cycling around San Francisco for the 19th annual Bike to Work Day.

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They'll have 26 official "Energizer Stations" providing free snacks and beverages (coffee!), as well as "goodie-filled" reusable (of course) tote bags for future commutes.

There will also be "bike doctors" on hand to help you amateurs who have not ridden a bike since you were six. They'll be available to fix your chains, pump your tires, and get you and your bike rolling again. If you need that extra help, check out this list of stations you can hit.

Also, here's a map:

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Now for your Bike to Work Day entertainment, pulled from the SF Weekly vault:

And yes, you can buy that song on iTunes.

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Bobby Le
Bobby Le

Perfect weather to bike this morning! (In san jose) Not too cold, but just right.

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