Bay to Breakers Shirts Unloaded at Los Angeles Sports Paraphernalia Website

Man, I love L.A. We love it!
Regardless of one's thoughts on open-air drinking, urinating, running, and no-backpack-having, the Bay to Breakers is a San Francisco institution. For more than a century, a malleable ratio of actual runners and drunks have hoofed it from San Francisco Bay to San Francisco's Ocean Beach. 

So it's more than a little odd that vast quantities of unsold Bay to Breakers paraphernalia now have their own category tab on the TeamLAStore.Com website. As the name subtly implies, this is a place for those who'd like to swath themselves in apparel for every last Los Angeles team there is. The San Francisco institution occupies the lead tab atop the Los Angeles Angels, L.A. area-based Chivas USA soccer; the Los Angeles Clippers; the Los Angeles Galaxy; Los Angeles Kings; and Los Angeles Lakers. 

As the good people at Sesame Street used to put it, "One of these things is not like the others." 

There is an answer as to why the Golden Gate Bridge-emblazoned logo of a distinctly San Francisco race ended up on an L.A.-centric website. And it has only three letters: AEG. 

Messianic billionaire Philip Anschutz's company owns B2B. But it owns so many things -- the Galaxy, the Kings, Staples Center, a portion of the Lakers. 

AEG Merchandise, meanwhile, "powers over 70 e-commerce storefronts for sports teams and special events" including The site's domain name is, it seems, owned by AEG

Of course, this prompts the question of whether L.A. sports fans with an eye on Kings or Lakers swag give a damn about the Bay to Breakers. 

"I don't know," answers race spokeswoman DeeDee Taft. "Someone must." 

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