Truce? BART Riders Starting to Warm Up to Cyclists on the Trains, Survey Shows

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Move over!
Commuters are not the most welcoming, friendly people around, so when they're willing to make room for you (and your bike) on the train, best you appreciate it.

As BART slowly attempts to undo its strict rules against bikes on trains, the transit agency unveiled some new information that shows more and more BART riders are coming around to the notion of sharing their commute with bikes.

In an extensive experiment, BART has allowed bikes to ride on the trains during peak commute times when trains are painfully packed, and has found that it's really not that big of a deal. BART plans to reveal its latest results at its board meeting tomorrow, showing that 84 percent of riders have no problem sharing the train with our two-wheeled friends.

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Furthermore, 74 percent said once they were on board, bikes had very little or no effect on their trip. The remaining unhappy passengers said the only reason they still didn't like bikes on BART is simply because the trains are already crowded enough.

Some other interesting results:

  • 13 percent reported problems mainly related to crowding
  • 17 percent felt that accommodating bikes only made their BART ride worse
  • yet 81 percent said even if it was crowded, they were willing to make room.
  • 25 percent said they would be willing to ride BART even more often if the bikes were allowed more access.

That's a nice attitude change from the last two pilots where BART allowed bikes on trains during rush hour. In August 2012, 37 percent were in favor of keeping the current rules of no bikes on BART during commute times, however, that number declined in March to 23 percent, according to BART.

So what does this mean? Well, not all people on BART are selfish pricks.

"What better day to review survey results and consider next steps than on Bike to Work day," BART Board President Tom Radulovich said. "Feedback from our riders suggests most of them are open to modifying bike rules to allow greater access.

BART directors will now figure out the next steps for the "Bikes on Board" pilot. The Board will hold its first night meeting of the year on May 23 at 6 p.m. where a modification to the bike rules is likely to be on the agenda.

Now, if only we could teach everyone to share the road like they're willing to share the train.

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Stan James
Stan James

BART and Bike go together. I am sticking to my Amish ways. I don't own a vehicle. (Although, I will take a cab)

Jonas Heineman
Jonas Heineman

+8% is a big net positive, the best info contained here. (25% would ride more vs. 17% felt inconvenienced.)

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