Baby Otter Proves Your Baby Isn't The Cutest

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Andrea Dougall/Oakland Zoo
Sorry, but your kid is not this cute
Every mother will say their baby is the cutest. But before you get carried away doting on your little one, just have a gander at this newborn -- who really is the cutest.

This adorable otter has made one Oakland mother very proud, and just in time for Mother's Day. He has two brothers (equally adorable) who were seen splashing around the Oakland Zoo Thursday afternoon, presumably prepping for their first Mother's Day swim routine.

River otter Ginger birthed the male trio -- Kohana, Hinto, and Shilah -- on February 24. Ginger is clearly a prolific mater, as this was her third litter.

Andrea Dougall/Oakland Zoo
The boys

Congrats, Ginger, and good luck raising all those boys.

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