Dog-Abuse Cases on the Rise in San Francisco

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Animal Care & Control
What kind of monster would abuse a puppy?
Staff over at the Animal Care & Control have been finding work a little more stressful than usual, as they've noticed a disturbing increase in animal-abuse cases as of late. In the last several weeks alone, they've had to investigate four felony cruelty cases and even more over the last few months.

In one case, several dogs -- living in filthy conditions with no food or water -- attacked one of their own pack (probably due to hunger pains) killing one of the pups. But ACC is blaming the irresponsible owner who is now facing possible jail time for animal cruelty and neglect charges, according to investigators. In another recent case, someone allegedly tossed a dog from a second-story window, badly fracturing its hind leg.

While coping with that tragedy, staff then discovered a third dog who had been abandoned by trash on the street; the dog had starved to death, according to ACC.

But the latest case has shocked staff the most: A 10-month-old pug-mix puppy was severely beaten and is now getting treatment at an emergency veterinary hospital. She's slowly regaining her senses, yet she appears to now be blind in both eyes as a result of head trauma from the beatings, according to ACC

Her vet bills are hovering at $4,000 and are expected to increase. Meanwhile, Animal Care & Control is actively tracking down a suspect in this case.

Animal Care & Control

ACC says that if someone is willing to beat a puppy, then they're probably capable of hurting another human.

Per the agency:

Mistreatment of an animal should not be regarded as an isolated incident that can be ignored or considered only by animal lovers: it is often an indicator or predictor of crime against people and a warning sign of domestic violence.Numerous studies show that when animals are abused, people are at risk. Moreover, many incidents of domestic abuse occur behind closed doors, and victims may be unwilling or ashamed to reveal it. Oftentimes, outsiders may be more willing to report suspected animal abuse than other forms of violence because the incidents occur in public and concerned observers recognize that the animals cannot call for help. The more cases of human and animal abuse that are reported, and the earlier that law enforcement can intervene, the better chance we have for a positive outcome for both animals and other potential victims.

If you suspect someone is abusing an animal, don't do anything else until you call San Francisco Animal Care & Control's emergency dispatch line at 554-9400 to report it. Also, if you want to help them save this pug puppy's life or any animal in crisis, please donate to Friends of SF Animal Care & Control by going online and designate the "Pug Puppy" fund.

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AC&C will do NOTHING if you report animal abuse, neglect, or abandonment, and I've had proof of that for decades.  They cry poor all the time because they REFUSE to collect fees, and cite lawbreakers.  So of course they sit back and do nothing but wring their hands piously when the reality of their malfeasance is demonstrated.  They applaud coyotes in parks as a "final solution" to cats who are feral, maybe just lost, or often dumped.  The coyotes eat the evidence, just like those serial killer brothers in Canada who went after the "feral" street people, mostly indigenous, and because no one kept track of those unwanted humans, we have no idea of how many victims were tortured, killed, and fed to hogs.  And just as there are those here in SF who applaud the coyotes killing cats, there are many in Canada who felt that those brothers were cleaning up the streets.  You can see that same 'tude in the various blogs, and sites like this, when articles about the homeless and mentally ill are run.  The lack of affordable vet care means many very loved pets suffer horribly.  Go to the SPCA vet hospital, sit and watch and people are turned away, crying, because they can't pay the fees up front and the animal has to die in agony, they will charge the max to even euthenize.  See my story about how ACC refused to even cite Shelly Yu, who abandoned a cat that was rescued by my neighbor's poodle.  My google blog is under the name "tiggrrrsf"


WTF possible jail time??! This is why people abuse animals the fuckin get away with it. The should be in prison for LIFE not 10 or 20 years give them LIFE let them die in prison!!'n case closed!!!

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