How to Score a Date While Riding BART and Muni

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Making a different kind of connection via transit
Alas, you don't need a car to get a date. Single city folks who rely on transit could and should use their bus ride as a chance to hookup with someone before they get to their destination.

Stanford University researchers analyzed almost 1,000 heterosexual dates, and found that words -- how they're delivered, when they are said, and for how long they're spoken -- definitely make or break a potential date. Moreover, they determined that four minutes (or the time it takes to get to the next BART stop) is enough time to form a meaningful relationship -- one that just might have more depth than a drunken night at the bar.

What else do you have to do besides play Angry Birds on BART?

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Now, for your scientifically proven four-minute hookup advice:

  • Interrupting women while they're talking: They're not suggesting you change the topic, rather finishing sentences or adding to a sentence yields best results. Showing understanding and engagement actually helped men and women connect quickly.

  • Sharing stories like "OMG! You got your phone stolen on BART too?" helps. Finally, a silver lining to all those cellphone thefts.

  • Guys, don't ask questions. The study said that women feel "disconnected" when asked too many questions, and also when they have to ask all the questions. Women tend to ask questions to "keep a lagging conversation going," meaning if a woman is asking you tons of questions, it might be because you're boring.

  • Not a shocker, but women in the study connected with men who used supportive, encouraging language. So phrases like "that's awesome" and "taking the 17 Bryant every day must be tough on you" helped dudes break the ice.

  • Interestingly enough, displaying enthusiasm through voice volume control also helped men and women connect with potential partners.

  • Keep it all about the ladies the whole ride home. Both sexes reported a connection when the conversation was mostly about the women. "This is a situation in life where women have the power, women get to decide," researchers said.

In conclusion, the best hookups happened when women felt they were the focal point of the conversation and were endlessly engaged.

So there you have it -- a chance at real love. Hopefully, with the above advice your next relationship will last longer than your BART ride home.

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It's Great to see it simply 'spelled out' ~ a 4star**** worthy video


Of course you can meet the love of your life on public transit.   "Bus Stop" by The Hollies (late 60's) tells you exactly how to do it.  "All the people stared as if we were both quite insane. Some day my name and hers are going to be the same. That's the way the whole thing started, silly, but it's true."  we knew so many couples that met this way.


I always said I would meet my future wife on mass transit...Great article. Why go speed dating when you have BART. Just look for the babes without a wedding ring!


This is horrendous.  "Don't ask questions" and "don't ask too many questions" are entirely different things.  Maybe if you're not so preoccupied with underwhelming or bombarding someone with questions/statements/OMG bullshit, you'd be able to have a normal conversation.


Number one tip is to interrupt a woman while she's talking? Straight women don't need more men to harass them on BART or anywhere else.

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