Teeny Tiny Tree House in Golden Gate Park Disappears, S.F. Bloggers Totally Bummed Out

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San Francisco is home to a transient population, where talented and spirited youth land and quickly leave, defeated by high rent and no place to park. So we shouldn't be too surprised to learn that the teeny tiny tree house and its occupant have moved on.


Richmondsfblog.com went to check out the famous mouse pad the other evening only to discover, much to their disappointment, that it was no more. The tree house's disappearance is as confounding and abrupt as its arrival earlier this month. Sadly, we're left to guess what happened here.

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Was it not rent-controlled, or did the teeny tiny hoarder move to Oakland, where he/she can get more teeny tiny tree house for his/her money?

Perhaps a gang of squirrels came along and not-so-nicely pointed out that this was their territory.

Or maybe the occupant moved to the East Bay where he/she can park his/her mini Mini Cooper for free on Sundays.

It was fun while it lasted.

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I.T. techie or trust funded hipster overbid on it and scooped it up...

Lisa Heck
Lisa Heck

I was really bummed about this too, then today I spotted bright yellow wooden birdhouse high up in a tree on Market St, outside the old CompUSA / soon to be Marshalls.

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