Teeny Tiny Tree House Back by Popular Demand

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Naturally, it was city bureaucracy that resulted in the sad and abrupt departure of the beloved teeny tiny tree house in Golden Gate Park.

According to ABC, it was the rigid folks over a the Recreation and Parks Department who removed the small door hinged to a tree in the park; city leaders claimed the miniature mouse pad had "damaged the tree."

But alas, Democracy rules -- and city leaders claim they will return the adorable door to appease the people of San Francisco.

What a head trip this has been

Last month, the mysterious walnut-colored door appeared, drawing enough media attention to make it a potential tourist trap. Kids with wishes and parents with cameras would visit the tiny burrow, leaving notes and other tiny artifacts behind.

Then on Tuesday, the fairy tale world came to a screeching halt when the door -- and thus its occupant -- was uprooted for unknown reasons.

Now the city has interloped this fairy tale, which means there's going to be a lot of teeny tiny red tape for the city's smallest housing unit to get through.

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Some city bureaucrat spent time inspecting the door, writing a work order to remove, dispatching a maintenance employee to remove it, maintenance employee drove over and removed it, bureaucrat rewriting work order to replace it, maintenance employee driving over and replacing it... how stupid can the city be... apparently we have to many bureaucrats and maintenance employees if they have enough time for this kind of petty bullpucky...


San Francisco city bureaucrats can be such dicks.

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