San Franciscans Tend to Loaf Around at Tax Time. You Know Who You Are

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Pay mine while you are at it
If you thought San Francisco was filled with a bunch of anti-government, down-with-the-man, uber liberal, kumbaya-spoutin', pseudo-socialist maniacs were right.

In case you forgot, today is Tax Day, which means the bohemian types in San Francisco are very busy ignoring that fact. 

You think we're being harsh, but really, we're just stating the facts -- according to TurboTax, San Franciscans are the biggest tax-day procrastinators across the nation.

In short, our W-2s are just a pile of screw yous.

See Also: Get Your Tax Day Freebies The good news is that you're not really alone. Nearly one-third of all taxpayers wait until the very last minute to sort out their fiscal year -- of course most of them live right here in San Francisco.

Here's an interesting round-up of our competing tax shirkers.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 1.41.31 PM.jpg

If all you tax deviants still have no plans to file today, fine, but don't forget to file an extension. Keep in mind however that an extension to file ain't the same thing as an extension to pay, that includes all you 1099ers, the contracted freelancers who are probably out enjoying the sun right now.

So ballpark the amount you owe, submit your extension request, and double-check it later. Otherwise, be prepared to pay your bail, which is probably a lot more money than you owe Uncle Sam.

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