SPCA Saves 48 Animals From Horrific Hoarder Living in Three Feet of Garbage

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Ready for a new bark
Staff at the SPCA in Monterey County spent their Saturday night/Sunday morning rescuing a crowd of puppies, dogs, and cats from a home that was declared unsuitable even for humans.

Beth Brookhouser, spokeswoman with the SPCA, said the cops called in the animal rescue team at about 1 a.m. after discovering the homeowner had been living with 17 cats, 24 dogs, and seven puppies inside a urine-soaked home. The city has since declared the living quarters uninhabitable.

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Monterey County SPCA
Ready for their own litter box
No word on what happened to the homeowner, but SPCA officers worked until 9 a.m. Sunday rescuing the dogs and cats and bringing them to the shelter where they've been getting medical examinations, vaccinations, flea treatments, food, water, and the basic love and care every animal needs.

Sadly, the pets were suffering from a slew of health problems, including flea infestations, eye infections, painful dental infections, and skin infections. Many of the dogs are still covered in painful mats, urine stains, and fecal matter. Most of the rescued animals are emaciated and ready for a damn good meal -- or 10.

Monterey County SPCA
Ready for a haircut
The good news is all of the cats and dogs survived and they are recovering from their health issues; they're eating like lions, enjoying fresh water, and reportedly making new friends.

All they're missing now is a safe and loving home. That's where you come in.

To put your name on a list of potential adopters or report animal cruelty, please contact The SPCA at (831)373-2631. All calls are confidential. To donate to the care and medical treatment of these dogs and cats and to help with the SPCA's rescue efforts, please call The SPCA or donate online at www.SPCAmc.org.

If you can't welcome a new pet into your home now, the least you could do is buy them lots of house warming gifts via the SPCA's pet registry.

Now go hug your pet.

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Josie Lazo
Josie Lazo

Well, these kids are gonna need homes. The ones that haven't been too traumatized that is. :/

Jenofeve Parodo
Jenofeve Parodo

oh god. not to be a hoarder, but i reeaally want that little joke of a puppy on page 2.

Josie Lazo
Josie Lazo

Ew. Animal hoarding is the worst. Poor babies.

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