Watch This Solar-Powered Plane Fly Over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (Video)

Solar Impulse

One of the most delightful things about San Francisco is there's always something to see -- even if it's something you don't really want to see.

Yesterday, YouTube users alike caught some pretty cool footage the of the Solar Impulse, a solar-powered plane, as it glided over San Francisco in preparation for a planned cross-country flight in May. According to the pilots, the lightweight plane was flying at around 3,000 feet as it passed over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Consider it the world's "most advanced sun-powered plane, running entirely on energy from the sun."

From the pilots themselves:

What an incredible day, Solar Impulse high above the Golden Gate Bridge, gently hovering over the architectural masterpiece for all to see. We've been talking about this exploit for weeks, but seeing the first shots of the solar bird above San Francisco goes beyond what we had imagined: spectacular!

With Bertrand Piccard at the controls, HB-SIA took off under the captivated stare of Chesley B. Sullenberger III (a.k.a. "Sully") - world renowned pilot who managed the amazing emergency landing on the Hudson River in 2009. They got a chance to meet and exchange their long experience in the air while the sun was rising above Moffett Airfield.

I believe that HB-SIA can now leave the Bay Area with a grin of satisfaction: not only did it get a chance to reside inside the historical Hangar 2 at Moffett Airfield, but it was also able to bring to life one of its greatest dreams - a golden flight above San Francisco's best-known monuments.

Here's more information about Solar Impulse.

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