Check Out More Photos of That Insanely Cute Baby Tiger at the SF Zoo

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No, I really can't get any cuter
Have you gotten your fill of adorable baby tiger photos? Neither have we. Fortunately, we'll all have the opportunity to watch this pile of cuteness in real time now that the 8-week-old Sumatran tiger cub will officially go on exhibit outside this Friday.

The little tyke is itching to venture out and explore the world (well, the cage) a little more. On Wednesday morning, SF Zoo staff granted her a supervised outing that included the tiger's very exhausted mother, Leanne.

We were told that the cub's attentive mother immediately carried her daughter to the safest spot possible, the lower grass moat area (helicopter mom?). There, they reportedly shared some mother-daughter time, playing until the cub was ready to explore a bit -- and mom was ready for a nap.

Here's a snapshot of baby tiger's first two months of life. All photos were shot by Marianne Hale.

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Mom is already driving me nuts
And so are the humans

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Oh, how cute.  A lifetime of captivity and deprivation.  Zoos suck!

Frankie Griffen
Frankie Griffen

Can't wait to see the photos of it dripping with a man's blood some day after a fool walks into its enclosure

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