Local Mooches Have to Pay Their Own Rent, S.F. No Longer Sugar Daddy Capital of America

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Once an expensive city where youngsters could land and find a sugar daddy to cover their rent, San Francisco is no longer the place where lonely old men are eager to finance your lifestyle.

That ever so unscientific dating website, SeekingArrangement.com, has recently released its latest list of the nation's best sugar daddy cities -- and S.F. is no longer the reigning champion as we were last year. Apparently, if you want a sugar daddy, now is the time to move to Atlanta or Scottsdale, both of which topped the list. According to their annual data, nearly 6 of every 1,000 Atlanta men spends his cash on a sugar baby; here in S.F., only 5 of every 1,000 men are sugar daddies.

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Despite our sad drop in the rankings, SeekingArrangement reassures us that the average S.F. sugar daddy isn't just a "decrepit, wealthy man looking for a younger woman." The average daddy-by-the-Bay is 43 years old and earns $408,063 -- $3,505 of which gets spent on his sugar baby every month.

However, S.F. sugar daddies don't even win the consolation prize of being most generous. Miami tops that list, where sugar babies "make" $6,166 per month.

In light of all this new data, SeekingArrangement posits this question: "Do you think the shift in sugar Daddy demographics is a sign that mutually beneficial relationships are becoming more mainstream?"

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