Ross Mirkarimi: 156 Donors Contribute to "Legal Expense Fund"

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Joe Eskenazi
Many, many thank-you cards to write...

Politicians receive some odd gifts. Not as odd as the stuff thrusted Queen Elizabeth's way -- but odd nevertheless.

San Francisco public officials must report as a gift "Any source of income aggregating $500 or more invalue, or any source of gifts of $420 or more in value, provided to, received by, or
promised to the public official within 12 months prior to the time the decision is
made. ..."

As such, ertwhile Mayor Gavin Newsom was made to report his wedding haul, which included not one but two coffee pots priced at more than $1,000.

It's uncertain how useful a pair of such pots are. But if you're seeking a man who received truly useful gifts, look no further than Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. The man Mayor Ed Lee attempted to boot from office is still there with a little help from his friends -- $28,117 worth of help from 156 friends.

The list and tally hail from Mirkarimi's most recent Form 700 Statement of Economic Interest, which he filed with the Ethics Commission late last month.

None of the donors are recorded as contributing more than $420 -- the cutoff noted in the above passage (and a hilarious number in and of itself). Mirkarimi took care to note even the smallest donations -- like $2 from Richard Buckner and one American dollar from Daniel Palay. Those gifts were deducted 36 cents and 18 cents by PayPal, respectively, meaning Buckner and Palay actually gave $1.64 and $0.82.

Among the notable givers: "Fred's Liquor" ($420); "The Green Door" ($420 -- nice); former ethics commissioner Paul Melbostad ($200); Aaron Peskin -- who urged Mirkarimi to resign, in writing ($200); politico Eric Potashner ($200); "Last Gasp" ($150); ranked-choice voting enthusiast Steven Hill ($100); and 180 bucks worth of anonymous donations.

All told, the Ross Mirkarimi Legal Expense fund grossed $28,117 and was dinged $177.20 by PayPal.

Messages for Mirkarimi have not yet been returned.

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Erin, which "Green Door"? The Pot website, or the massage parlor on Stockton street? You sure it wasn't the latter?

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