Have You Seen This Man Who Killed Raymond Harris, East Bay Man, at BART?

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This guy
BART police released a sketch of the suspect who shot and killed a woman at the Richmond BART station last month, hoping someone will come forward with information on his whereabouts.

The shooting occurred on March 14 at about 6 p.m. in front of the Transit Office at the Richmond BART station, killing 34-year-old Raymond Harris, of San Pablo.

A witness gave police a description of the suspect, who apparently looks sorta like this guy to your right.

The shooter was described as a 6-foot black man in his early to mid-20's. He had a slender build, medium-to-dark complexion, wearing dark clothing with a possibly a tan shirt underneath. The suspect may have also been wearing a gray baseball cap with "Buffalo Bills" printed on it written in red and blue.

BART police also released surveillance images of a woman who reportedly arrived at the station with the suspect, walked away momentarily right before the shooting occurred, then came back after the victim was shot. The woman fled on foot with the suspect. She is described as a black female, about 5-foot-6 with a slender build, medium-to-dark complexion. She has long hair past her shoulders with bangs, and was seen wearing a gray long-sleeved top, blue jeans. She was also carrying a large red or pink handbag.


"This was a brazen crime, committed during the rush hour commute and we are committed to following up on every lead to solve this case and help keep the community safe," said BART Police Chief Kenton Rainey. "We need the public's help in identifying the suspect and his associate to bring justice to the victim's family and the community."

The public is asked to call BART Police with any information about this shooting at 510-464-7000.

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Mary Littlelamb
Mary Littlelamb

San Francisco is my favorite city. But people tend to turn the other way and not want to get involved. That is a terrible characteristic because you would want somebody to help out if it was you ,or your child or your mother. All anybody have to do is make an anonymous call. Or post something anonymously online. But you're all a bunch of cowards those of you that witness this are cowards those of you that know this monster cowards. This monster needs to be in jail where big Bubba can take care of him.. Iron Age all women to get yourself some super power mace. You can get it at the Army Navy surplus . or order it online. I have the gel mace. It cost about $20 but it's worth it because when you spray it it is not spray back at you just directly at the douchebag you are spraying it at. And it is not illegal, look into it. I bet you half of these crimes that happened to women could be prevented if they had a whistle on your keychain like I have or Mace in their purse or on your keychain. Wake up San Francisco forget all the unicorns and rainbows and glitter coming out of your ass you think the best of people and you think positive well I'm from the hood in Miami and I used to live in San Francisco and they call me paranoid when I lived there I call myself street smart. I've been raped many times because I am a former sex worker so take it from me I'm still alive

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