S.F. Nudists Found Guilty of Being Nude

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A San Francisco judge has ruled that three local nudists were violating city law when they decided to strip down in front of City Hall back in February.

The trio was arrested on Feb. 1, the same day the city's nudity ban went into effect; they claimed they should not have been arrested, and have insisted that police are targeting them and violating their free speech.

But a judge totally disagreed yesterday afternoon, ruling that they were all three guilty, at least of disobeying the new city law, and ordered them each to pay a $100 fine as well as $92 in court fees.Their attorney, Christina DiEdoardo, says she will appeal the judge's decision within the next 30 days.

In addition, the nudists have filed a federal lawsuit, attempting to overturn the city's ban on naked people in public. The next hearing is tentatively set for May, KTVU reports.

The nudists claim police are targeting them, only citing and arresting the notorious activists while ignoring other nudity in the city. The most recent example being the naked bike ride that occurred over the weekend for Earth Day, DiEdoardo said.

"The only people who get cited for the ordinance are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit," she said. "They want to punish people for having the temerity to challenge Supervisor [Scott] Wiener."

Wiener authored the legislation after the Castro became a new public hotspot for men and their cock rings. Wiener decided there was such thing as too much nudity, and his fellow supervisors agreed.

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rmajora topcommenter

Good for the court! This creepy behavior would have surely spread to other neighborhoods.


Nudists do not stand around naked on street corners offending people; exhibitionists stand around naked on street corners offending people.  Exhibitionists do not follow nudist/naturist principles or practices because they are not nudists! If you are looking to try something new, the clothes free lifestyle could be your answer to meeting true nudist friends.


So pity. They are should not be charged.. Being nude is natural and common. Nudist are trying to fight for this

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