Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval Denies Dumping More Than One Patient From Psych Hospital

said no more than one patient was dumped
Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval says indeed his state did improperly discharge one mentally ill patient from a state-run hospital, but no more than that -- and it was accidental.

According to Reuters
, the republican governor defended his state, and denied accusations that Nevada had been busing hundreds of mentally ill patients to California, including San Francisco, a practice known as "patient dumping."

Sandoval admitted that the state-run Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital "improperly discharged" at least one mentally ill man, but said that a new discharge policy was enacted recently to prevent these kinds of missteps.

"Let me be clear, improperly discharging one patient is one patient too many," Sandoval reportedly said. "I take the concerns regarding Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital very seriously, and it is not the policy of the state of Nevada to engage in 'patient dumping' as (has) been alleged."

Earlier this week, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera launched an investigation into Nevada's nefarious patient dumping, asking the state for for public records relating to Sacramento Bee reports which revealed the patient dumping problem. In one case, a patient reported that the Nevada hospital gave him a one-way ticket to California, with some snacks an only a few days worth of medication; his doctor told him to call 911 when he landed and he would received better health care than he would in Nevada.

Herrera told Reuters that he's pleased Nevada's governor has taken measures to stop the patient dumping, but that won't stop him from plunging ahead with his probe.

"Nothing changes my intention to pursue all legal options against the state of Nevada," Herrera said.

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Tip of the Ice ? I am investigating allegation of patient dumping by state apponted guardians. (daughter)) while  State of Nevada officials graciously looks the other way.    Why should hospitals be held resposible while the public officials examples they follow are not held to such scrutiny. What would you suggest I do with this information?

Eric Carlson
Eric Carlson

gee, it's "OK" because it was only one......


California should bill his state for his careless of dumping people in California

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