Here's a Good Chance for Local Nerds to Date Other Dorks -- And Win a Pac-Man Bike Bell

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Geek on the streets, kink in the sheets?
If you spending your Saturday nights leveling up again and again in World of Warcraft, the chances are you're single. The good news is so are the people your playing.

Which means a real nerd herd mixer is in order.

On June 19, matchmakers who specialize in geek hookups are hosting a singles party for the socially challenged brainy bachelors living, but not really dating, in the Bay Area.

Starting at 7 p.m. at the Sugar Cafe, techies, dorks, and doofuses will gather for an evening of ... you guessed it: board games and trivia.

For those of you who would like to skip the games and get straight to the date, there will be nerd bucket list icebreaker where you'll check off true geek feats, such as meeting Stan Lee, solving a Rubik's cube, or setting a Guinness record.

If you don't score a date, at least you'll get cool shit that you can put on your bedroom shelf next to your chess trophies. We won't tell you all the prizes, but let's just say there will be Pac-Man bike bells and a Captain America compass.

You'll even have a chance to show those jocks in high school that you know how to booze. There will be cocktails nerdier than you: Marianas Trench (gin and tonic with descending layers of blue curacao and grenadine), the Carlsbad Cavern (a pitch black mixture of dark rum, coffee liqueur and stout) and the Space Station (an adult take on Tang with whiskey, Southern Comfort and orange juice).

Don't worry, the evening will by 10 p.m. so you will have plenty of time to snuggle up with your physics book before bedtime.

Don't forget to register.

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