Here's How Long it Will Take You to Find an Apartment in San Francisco

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Even if you're lucky enough to rent it, you'll still have to deal with city bureaucracy
There's that one dreaded spot we've all experienced alike in San Francisco: an open house.

It's those Saturday mornings you spend next to 50 San Franciscans shoving past you with their credit reports and pay stubs, vying for the city's last 500-square-feet of squalid paradise.

It's as depressing as the housing market itself.

But we're here to point out that (very thin) silver lining to this dark reality. Lovely, the latest app in apartment hunting, has done some research, analyzing data from 80,000 rental listings to determine which neighborhoods you're most likely to score your next pad.

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Mitch Lopez
Mitch Lopez 1 Like

Greedy fucking landlords make it difficult. $1500 for a studio? $2500 for a one bedroom? Puhleez!


Lower Haight. 45 minutes.


Lower Haight. 30 minutes.


The link to Lovely is broken :-(

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