Local Bike Gets an Ed Lee Makeover, Mustache and All

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Joe Eskenazi
At first glance, you might have thought this mustachioed bike was a new addition to the Lyft family -- a taxi transport for our two-wheeled friends. But alas, this bike parked in the Financial District yesterday afternoon is neither a member of the Lyft family, nor does it belong to Mayor Ed Lee.

In fact, as were admiring the creative cycle, its owner appeared and informed us the mustache on this bike was a product of Molletta Design, a San Francisco-based company/coffee shop that "really gives a crap about what goes on you and your bicycle."

From the stache-makers themselves:

Every bitchin' bike needs a moustache. You wouldn't deny your upper lip its follicular fabulousness, so why say no to your bike? Capable of lending even the most serious looking rider a sense of humor, this Bikestache is handmade in San Francisco out of Velcro and felt.

But in case you were now wondering, Mayor Lee does own a bike -- and has been known to ride it from time to time. According to his press secretary, Christine Falvey, "He has a bike he keeps sometimes at home and sometimes at city hall...the last sort of higher profile ride was in February where he led a group on Market and Mission streets after a volunteer cleanup event, including directors of MTA and DPW..and some of his staff."

Nobody asked us (they never do), but we think a bikestache would really give Mayor Lee the "bitchiness" he sorely needs.

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