Here Is Your Golden State Warriors 2013 Playoffs Drinking Game

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Thanks to Curry, Warriors fans now drink out of joy rather than sorrow.
Steph Curry's ballin'. Mark Jackson's preaching. Klay Thompson's shooting. Harrison Barnes is dunking. Andrew Bogut's blocking. Kent Bazemore's dancing. And Andris Biedrins is looking tan as ever. There's much reason for excitement in G-State.

Roaracle will be thunderous when the Warriors take the floor for their first home playoff game since We Believe. It feels like the dark ages are finally over. But Warriors fans have always been too savvy for premature optimism. All that's certain are the good times right now, so let's soak it in. Here's one possible Golden State Warriors 2013 Playoffs drinking game.

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San Francisco Giants 2012 World Series Drinking Game

Drink when...

An announcer:
mentions that Mark Jackson is a preacher
mentions that the W's are moving to SF
mentions that a lot of people "think Steph curry should have made the All-Star team"
notes that David Lee led the league in double-doubles
explains that Andrew Bogut is still trying to get into "game shape"
refers to Curry or Klay Thompson as a "pure shooter"

Any of the following is shown on TV:
Andrew Bogut squinting
highlights from the Warriors' 2007 playoff series against the Mavericks
close-up of Steph Curry's ankles
close-up of David Lee clapping
either of Curry's parents
clips of Curry at Davidson
clips from Mark Jackson's playing days
Bay Bridge light show

Any of the following happens in the game:
Curry scores in the paint
Harrison Barnes dunks
Andrew Bogut blocks a shot
Andris Biedrins touches the ball
Klay Thomson hits a three-pointer on consecutive possessions
Jarrett Jack floats in a tear-drop
Draymond Green makes a three pointer

Any of the following gets mentioned or shown:
Jarrett Jack's sneaker collection
Colin Kaepernick
Monta Ellis
Baron Davis
Jason Richardson
Rick Barry
Al Attles
Kobe Bryant
Chris Webber
Tim Hardaway

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