Golden Gate Park 420 Revelers' Illegally Parked Cars Go Unticketed

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Not a priority?
For the dazed, happy 420 celibrants shambling about San Francisco on Saturday like characters in a George Romero film, all was well.

For those left to clean up after them, it was less so. Picking up tons of detritus will cost the city a pretty penny.

So it comes as a bit of a surprise that, according to frustrated cyclists who contacted SF Weekly, multiple calls to the Department of Parking and Traffic to ticket or tow cars illegally parked in John F. Kennedy Drive's bike lanes and creating a dangerous bottleneck were blown off.

Dispatchers told one cyclist that addressing this problem was "not a priority." In more than 90 minutes time following complaints phoned in by multiple callers, the cyclist reports, no city personnel came to ticket the mass of more than 100 cars clogging JFK between the mouth of Golden Gate Park and the Conservatory of Flowers.

Messages to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency have not yet been returned.

The video below was filmed in late afternoon on April 20.

Update, April 23: Muni spokesman Paul Rose sent us the following: Records indicate there were no calls and nor were there any citations issued for VC21211 (Blocking Bike Lane) on April 20th for bike lane violations in GG Park. Our enforcement supervisors are investigating the matter to determine what specifically took place related to this parking issue.

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I drove around Buena Vista Park in the Upper Haight/Haight Heights on Saturday evening in an attempt to get home to the Inner Sunset, from the Inner Richmond, without having to deal with the Park. There were cars parked all the way around the roads ringing Buena Vista COMPLETELY BLOCKING the road, so that it was a one-lane, rather than two lane, road. It was hardly controlled chaos. And there was no parking enforcement or police to be seen. Do city officials not know to "staff up" for these things? Thanks for continuing to shine a spotlight on the oversight of the city to manage this influx.


What are the adults in charge thinking?  While the City is running out of money, they allow a few privileged folks to park and trash the park without tickets or fines.  Instead, they'd rather ticket a local resident  that ran out of nickels to put  in the meter, when they took Granma to the Doctor. 


The City of San Francisco is setting a bad example by not holding , '420' organizers and participants accountable for their poor choices and flagrant violations.  There is never a good excuse for bad manners, period and that does include cyclist.

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