Gavin Newsom Urged to Take it Easy, Stop Talking So Much

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Gavin Newsom has been urged to keep a low profile...
On Gavin Newsom's recent book tour, Stephen Colbert noted that our lieutenant governor's tome ought to come with a "bullshit translator" and added that all of Newsom's trite Newsomisms should be "carved on a stone and put in someone's garden."

Put that one on your back cover.

Writing a book was just the latest diversion keeping our erstwhile mayor from his current day job (and he wasn't always so enthused about running San Francisco, either). And, now that he's ostensibly sitting on the big chair while Gov. Jerry Brown ambles through China, government-watchers have a bit of advice for Newsom: Keep it up.

"The best thing he can do as acting governor is nothing," Claremont McKenna College political scientist Jack Pitney told the Associated Press. Considering Newsom's aversion to Sacramento, his short-lived television show, his book, and its resultant book tour -- this is a mission he is eminently qualified to fulfill.

Pitney's advice, in fact, mirrors the suggestion made to Champ Kind in the movie Anchorman: "Take it easy, Champ. Why don't you stop talking for a while? ... Yeah, sit the next couple plays out, if you know what I mean."

The one task Pitney predicted Newsom would excel at is one the people of California would rather he not be called upon to undertake: serving as the telegenic authority figure during a disaster.

This role didn't do much to aid the political career of erstwhile Lieutenant Governor Abel Maldonado. He was the fellow in the awkward windbreaker depicted, in retrospect, in too many photos in front of the flaming wreckage of San Bruno. Accusations that Maldonado was milking the opportunity as a de facto campaign event didn't help. (Maldonado couldn't resist Tweeting photos of himself in conversation with the president). Newsom bested Maldonado in the subsequent election.

Could Newsom -- the man formerly known as Mayor Twitter -- resist such a temptation? He did, after all, see the need to Tweet out his wife's delivery of the couple's first child.

Godwilling, we don't find out.

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