Female City Workers Hope to Get Mayor Ed Lee's Attention ... With Mustaches

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One woman Ed Lee won't defy
Turns out Mayor Ed Lee isn't exactly a ladies' man after all.

The mustachioed mayor is getting flak from women workers who claim he's stiffing them on pay. The women are upset over the Mayor's proposal to cut wages to 16 city jobs that are primarily held by females; they want to know how a liberal city like San Francisco could be going in backwards in time.

Today, those hard-working women will slap on their mustaches and gather at City Hall to picket Mayor Ed Lee and his Department on the Status of Women.

According to SEIU Local 1021, many of these positions are "pay equity classes," or positions San Francisco targeted for special pay increases back in the '80s to make women workers' pay on par with their male counterparts in jobs requiring similar education, skills, and experience. However, the latest proposal would reverse the City's longstanding Gender Equality policies, the union says.

"We think it is a double standard for City government to challenge private businesses on equality at the workplace while Mayor Lee's Administrators are proposing a plan to cut wages of city worker jobs filled by women and leaving the pay of many workers in classes held predominantly by white and male workers untouched," Carlos A. Rivera, spokesman for SEIU Local 1021, told us.

Don't forget that back in 2011, when Lee was being drafted to run for mayor, it was women who came to his side, citing his pretty darn good record on Civil Rights, specifically Women's Rights. At the time, they called him a "unifier" at City Hall.

But the women in SEIU Local 1021 have been in a budget dispute with Lee and his Department of Human Resources, calling their proposal of pay inequity an embarrassment.

We'll keep you posted on this latest City Hall series: Mayor Lee vs. women with mustaches.

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And these ladies I'm sure voted for him! Ma


We (you & I) already won the gender inequality struggle, Mayor Lee had better find another scape goat this time because we are not going back there.

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