Next Two Generations of iPhones Already Developed, and DA George Gascón Is Bummed

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Steve Jobs is responsible for changing the world, and crime
Yesterday, Examiner crime reporter Mike Aldax got the gadget news of the day during an interview with San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón. According to the paper, the Cupertino tech giant Apple Inc. has no intent to implement a "kill-switch" that would disable devices that are reported stolen, despite the district attorney's pleas.

Apple's government liaison Michael Foulkes explained that the company already has two more generations of iPhone in its pipeline, and that it would be too cumbersome to add new security technology as an afterthought. The new kill-switch-bereft iPhones were designed two years ago under late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Foulkes says, and they're ready to go on the market.

That rankled Gascón, who argues that iPhone burglaries have become a scourge in San Francisco.
According to the DA's spokesman Alex Bastian, tech giants like Apple have a certain "social responsibility" to stop them.

But the slew of tech bloggers who latched onto the story were much more fixated on the concept of two new iPhones -- and the amount of time it took to develop them. In the hours that followed yesterday's Examiner story, bloggers wrote a flurry of posts noting Gascón's complaints and his unwitting leak. On a sorta humorous note, Fox News mistakenly attributed the scoop to the San Francisco Chronicle instead of the Examiner. Oops.

Apple didn't answer multiple requests for comment. Meanwhile a disappointed Gascón says Apple representatives would rather prattle on about product cycles than help thwart burglaries.

He suspects they're motivated by profit, being that more stolen phones means more people buying new ones. Hmmmm.

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Robert la Bohème
Robert la Bohème

Apple is becoming evil. 2000 to 2011 I couldn't have imagined myself saying that.

Mark Makin
Mark Makin

if disabled Apple loses money....dah


Actually, ALL cellular devices have a "kill switch".  It's called the electronic serial number (ESN).  This is designed into the cellular protocol specifically so that carriers can shut phones down and there is/was supposed to be a national database that carriers used to determine if a phone was "legitimate" (not stolen).

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