East Bay Christian School in Trouble Again, This Time for Pinching Kid

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And that's a good thing?
Preschool just isn't what it used to be.

The Pleasanton preschool that got into trouble last month after a teacher allegedly tied up a toddler and shot a photo of the scene, is receiving another demerit.

According to CBS News, a staffer at Centerpointe Christian Preschool reportedly pinched a kid sometime in February. No word on why this child was roughed up, perhaps it was nap time at the school?

Needless to say, the state is not happy about it and being that this is the second reported abuse case in less than a year (try less than 90 days), the state is slapping the private school with a $150 fine. We assume that's included in tuition fees.

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According to the school, this incident was totally separate from the toddler tying up case, where former teacher Angela Calcagno was accused of using masking tape to bound a toddler's hands and feet and then making her sit on a cot after the child refused to take a nap. This latest incident, which actually happened before the tying case, involved a substitute teacher who is, obviously, no longer a substitute teacher.

Parents received a message from church/school officials, assuring them that they're all over this one, too.

We have a strong commitment to take all reports regarding our program seriously, investigate them, and communicate the outcomes in a timely manner. The person involved was a substitute teacher.

School officials say they recently enrolled their staff members in an extensive training course to teach the teachers all about "personal rights violations" of students.

We assume, just like students, they'll need a passing grade to go on.

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