Is That Gun Safe for 48 Firearms for Sale at S.F. Costco? Sorta.

Big-assed gun locker Jim Herd.jpg
Jim Herd
Such a bargain...

Everything's bigger at Costco: Boxes of Cheerios resembling Mission Bay, Flats of enough Irish Spring for all Donegal, and mayonaise jars the size of R2-D2.

And don't forget the gun safes.

Ace photographer Jim Herd spotted the pictured 48-capacity gun safe at the SoMa Costco for the low, low price of  $2,999.99. But is San Francisco's Costco really "selling" this amazing bargain implement for the gun collector with everything -- but room for his 48 guns?

Well, yes and no.

Our calls to Costco confirmed that the gun safe -- item No. 753642 -- is indeed on the sales floor (though we initially read off that number as 753462, which led to a lovely discussion about a pair of $220 pink gold earrings).

But while you can see the locker, touch the locker, price the locker, and, perhaps, travel to Narnia via the locker -- you cannot buy the locker.

Our helpful source at the store noted that "gun control laws" have led this to be an "online only" item -- which keen-eyed observers can spot on the label in our picture. While inquiries have been made about this item in-store here in the city, the sales don't register as emanating from here (and when this safe is done as a floor model, it'll be shipped back to the company). Also, this isn't that hot an item.

Perhaps it should be, however. San Francisco's "Safe Storage Law" requires city firearm owners to store their handguns with either trigger locks or in "locked containers." While the National Rifle Association has litigated against this 2007 ordinance, it remains on the books (Police Code, section 4512).

In fact, per city code, you're now mandated to store your real guns in a gun safe -- but are forbidden to own a BB gun.

So, even a gorgeous, 48-capacity gun safe does one no good if he's an outlaw BB gun-owner.

Finally, $2,999.99 seems like a lot for a gun safe -- but what about 10 times that? Per Police Code 4512, "No person shall keep a handgun within a residence owned or controlled by that person unless the handgun is stored in a locked container..." Under the law, a "locked container" is defined as "a secure container which is fully enclosed and locked by a padlock, key lock, combination lock or similar locking device."

Could that include a locked car secured in one's garage? City Attorney spokesman Matt Dorsey can't rule that out. "That's a question that has never come up," he says. "At some point, it's an enforcement question."

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I prefer the Titan Gun Vault myself. The push button combination lock can be operated by touch. It needs no batteries. It can be bolted to the floor, and it's cheap. 

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