Cops Catch 12-Year-Old Kid Who Escaped From Juvenile Hall

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Round 2
San Francisco Police found the kid who broke out of jail through an open window Tuesday night, and returned him to his home away from home.

Chief Bill Siffermann called SF Weekly to give us the "good news." He said he didn't have the details, but confirmed the 12-year-old was back in custody, and has been assigned to a different room -- one that "doesn't have an open window," Siffermann said.

"SFPD got him at his home in San Francisco and brought him here,": Siffermann said. "I don't have any details about whether the parents informed them or what."

We put in a call to the SFPD to find out more about how police tracked down the kid.

Siffermann said authorities will keep a much closer eye on the boy to make sure this nonsense doesn't happen again.

Unfortunately, the 16-year-old kid who also escaped Tuesday night is still on the lam. Police have no leads on his whereabouts. "We're confident we will find him," Siffermann said.

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