Controversial Hotel Approved -- But at Least You Won't be Seeing Naked People

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Fred Noland
There are some things you cannot unsee
The Chronicle wrote today about the almost apologetic tone taken by Planning Commissioners after approving a contested 11-story, 220-room hotel only stumbling distance from Moscone Center.

You can complain about how yet another hotel sprouting in an area already thick with placard-wearing convention-goers and the soulless, high-rise boxes in which to corral them is doing little for the city's downtrodden and underprivileged. You wouldn't be the first.

But at least you're not going to be subjected to wall-to-ceiling views of non-placard-wearing exhibitionists.

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As SF Weekly noted last month, the company overseeing the senior facility located next door to the proposed hotel at 250 Fourth Street insisted on the installation of "privacy louvers."

John Elberling is the CEO of TodCo, which runs eight affordable residential facilities in SoMa. He said the louvers were to ensure guests didn't peer in the windows of his aged tenants more than preventing seniors -- and everyone else -- from getting a look at the guests. That's noteworthy, because the Westin around the corner used to serve as the "exhibitionists' hotel of choice," and was depicted as the site of a quasi-public sex act in Kemble Scott's 2007 bestseller SoMa.

Elberling's tenants won't be hearing naked people either. Another requirement imposed on the hotel developer was respecting "good neighbor rules" regarding keeping quiet after 10 p.m.

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