Carson Palmer Traded in Exchange for Three Magic Beans

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A collector's item, of a sort
Carson Palmer's value has dropped more precipitously than that of a new convertible or an old laptop -- which is fitting enough, because he ran slower than either.

The Oakland Raiders today sent the quarterback packing to Arizona -- along with a seventh-round draft pick -- in exchange for a sixth-rounder in this year's draft and a conditional pick next year. This comes less than 18 months after Oakland obtained Palmer from Cincinnati for the steep price of a 2012 first-round pick and a second-rounder this year.

So, to recap, for a season and a half of so-so quarterbacking -- and eight wins in Palmer's 24 starts -- the Raiders converted a first-and second-round pick into a sixth-rounder and conditional selection. And tossed in a seventh-rounder to boot.

This is less an indictment of Palmer than of his former team.Oakland paid through the nose in a 2011 desperation trade for Palmer; it was, even at the time, apparent the Raiders were paying a premium akin to the markup on a 12-pack in the most far-flung corner of the Australian Outback (which is a lot -- trust us). Cincinnati made out like bandits; the Raiders were actually raidees.

As a point of comparison, San Francisco managed to land a second-round pick in this year's draft and a 2014 conditional pick in exchange for QB Alex Smith -- and it wasn't as if the team's desire to move Smith was a state secret.

Raiders fans can point out that San Francisco's team is imminently planning to jilt this city -- and that's certainly the case. But the Raiders franchise has a wandering eye for other cities akin to Tiger Woods' for Nordic blondes. And, until they break Oakland fans' hearts once more, they can continue to help bankrupt the city and find innovative new ways to embarrass the region.

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