Canon to Produce $7,000 Camera Phone

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Is the world ready for a $7,000 camera phone?
The notion of affixing a camera to a phone has grown both lucrative and ubiquitous. But affixing a phone to a camera? One company is hoping it will pay similar dividends.

Canon today announced plans to move ahead with equipping its top-of-the-line EOS-1 series with phone service. Early reviews, however, indicate the camera company hasn't mastered the art of telephonic communication to the extent it's perfected photography.

"For wildlife photography, you can't do better. But when it comes to communicating on the phone in an area with lots of wildlife, you can't do worse," wrote Kyle Barton in Australian Creatures magazine. Added Steve Brown of the popular blog TechAndGobble, "For $7,000, you can buy a great camera with a so-so phone or about 20 phones and a pretty good camera. I'm not seeing the market for this."

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Canon executives, however, are holding out hope that the affluent hobbyists or professional photographers who form the market for cameras like the EOS-1 will spend just a bit more for a machine that not only takes pictures but calls as well. And, of course, would enable a photographer to e-mail or FTP shots without any cables.

"It's not for everyone," admits Canon North America vice president of innovation Judy Mills. "But, then, high-end photography isn't for everyone. This is just the tip of the very long tail. And in 10 years, it'll be commonplace."

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There is indeed an application for this, though limited. Pro shooters, especially photojournalists, can upload directly from the camera/phone without needing WiFi. Though, I think something like an iPad with 4G service and the camera connector could allow the same service without the extra money.

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