California Sea Lion Pup Stranded on Seal Rocks at Ocean Beach

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David Cruz/Nature's Lantern
Could use a little help from his friends
Distressing news today. This baby sea lion appears to be unhappily stuck out on Seal Rocks and could probably use a helping hand (or flipper).

In the words of local photographer and animal observer, David Cruz, who shot the photo and video:

I called the mammal rescue center and they are hoping it will get back in the water on its own. In regards to rescue they mentioned the high human cost for rescue and cited that as the reason why rescue wouldn't be possible. I have seen the coast guard rescue surfers from this same rock, it is directly behind Cliff House on the north side of Ocean Beach, San Francisco. I researched these types of events and recently there has been many reports of stranded sea lion pups on the CA coast. I called Bill Keener from Golden Gate Cetacean Research and he mentioned the possible cause being the deadly ocean algae "domoic acid toxicosis.

Here's a video of the little guy:

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Stupid when hight tides come in he will leave. Shit leave him alone

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