BART Passenger Zaps Other BART Passenger With Stun Gun

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What's more shocking than finding fecal matter on your BART seat?
Nothing that you see on BART will shock you, until it actually does.

A man was zapped while riding a San Francisco-bound train after he got into an argument this morning with another passenger over a BART seat. According to Lt. Aaron Ledford, the call came in just before 8 a.m. on reports of a fight on a Pleasant Hill BART train; police say a man refused to give his seat up to a 62-year-old man, which led to the heated argument.

As the two continued to fight, the older man went to call for BART assistance. At that time, the suspect took a swing at him, and placed him in a headlock, Ledford told us.

Passengers tried to break up the pair, but it was a woman armed with a stun gun who ultimately got the suspect to let go of the elderly man.

When police arrived, they handcuffed the suspect, and only later learned that he had been shocked with a stun gun during the BART argument. However, police couldn't identify who the mysterious stun gunman was.

Turns out, it was a woman.

After placing the suspect under citizen's arrest, police got a call from a woman who claimed to be the person who zapped the suspect, momentarily disabling him until police came, Ledford said.

Police said since it's legal to carry stun guns (unless you are a convicted felon), the woman was more a hero for using the weapon to break up a potentially violent fight.

"In this case she came to the aid of the guy in the headlock, possibly preventing him from serious injuries," Ledford said. "Of course, our detectives will review the case and review video."

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John Lilly
John Lilly

Story is a little confusing. Who got arrested; the guy who was originally sitting down, or the "old" man who demanded his seat? The story says one guy got up to call for help, but that means both guys were sitting. If both guys were sitting, why was there issue?

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