America's Cup Fiasco Reaches France -- Merde!

Vance Cardell
...tous les membres de l'assemblée se sont fait foutrement avoir
Readers wondering how the French are seeing the ongoing fiasco that is the America's Cup -- and how they'd translate the line "all the members of the Board of Supervisors were fucking played" -- have been granted a two-for-one special.

Last week, Le Monde ran a short story titled "Qui paiera la facture de la Coupe de l'America?" (Who will pay the bill for the America's Cup?). The article neatly encapsulated the ongoing tussle surrounding the incredible shrinking regatta: Organizers now actually embrace a revised prediction claiming the race will bring far less business to the area than initially pledged. They also claim that tax revenues from the scaled-down race will offset anemic private fund-raising.

This was not part of the original deal -- and no one pointed that out more  forcefully than Supervisor John Avalos. Here's how he put it:

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"I've shouted publicly to the rooftops how ashamed I am that I see that language" -- vagueness about fund-raisers merely needing to 'endeavor' to make their goal -- "and not reading into what it said. I was fucking played. All the members of the Board of Supervisors were fucking played," Avalos says. "There was a full-court press on us from the America's Cup Organizing Committee to play us. Gavin Newsom, David Chiu, Ross Mirkarimi -- everyone was exuberant and this is what we get. I am totally fucking ashamed."

Here's how Le Monde translated it:

Fer de lance de la fronde, John Avalos, membre de l'assemblée législative de la ville de San Francisco, qui déplore le manque de transparence au moment du vote du budget. "J'avais publiquement crié au scandale pour dire mon opposition à l'emploi du terme bancal 's'efforceront', et je peux aujourd'hui dire que tous les membres de l'assemblée se sont fait foutrement avoir," a-t-il déclaré le 20 février dans l'hebdomadaire SF Weekly.

This is a solid -- but not exact -- reconstruction of Avalos' quote. "I've shouted publicly to the rooftops," for example, wouldn't mean the same thing to a French speaker. Here's our best shot at translating it back to English:

The leader of the uprising, John Avalos, a member of the legislative assembly of the city of San Francisco, regrets the lack of transparency at the time of the budget vote. "I publicly cried scandal to express my opposition the use of the wobbly term 'endeavor,' and I can today say that the members of the assembly were fucking played," he said on Feb. 20 in the SF Weekly.
A more polite reading than "fucking played" could be "royally played." In any event, there was much playing going on.

Incidentally, running the business end of Avalos' quote through a Google translator results in an incorrect -- but vastly entertaining -- result: "I can say all members of the assembly are done fucking you."

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