Beer-Loving Man in Basement Tells Mayor Ed Lee to "Grow a Pair" (Video)

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An obvious choice for mayor
We knew it wouldn't be long before Mayor Ed Lee and his milk mustache would chime in on the debate about whether bars should keep on serving alcohol until 4 a.m. And we also knew that he wouldn't necessarily embrace the notion of all-night drinking the same way a drunk embraces a bottle of whiskey.

After the state law was proposed, Mayor Lee went on record saying he'd really need to mull this one over. But who needs "to think carefully" about this issue when we have the expertise of hardcore late-night boozers in their basements crafting thoughtful, and alcohol-induced arguments about why bars in California should remain open -- at all hours for that matter.

Which is why we tapped our reliable correspondent in Minnesota, who weighed-in on the issue after reading an SF Appeal article we sent him.

If you vaguely recognize this dude, it's not because you had a drink with him last night -- it's because he's the same guy (in a Pac-Man t-shirt) who filmed another late-night/early-morning Mayor Ed Lee diatribe during the Super Bowl after reading that San Francisco's mayor was asking bars to not serve hard liquor on Super Bowl Sunday.

In his most recent video lecture, titled "Mayor Ed Lee we have to think very carefully about letting bars be open till 4am ummm WHY!" Warcorpse666 goes off on Mayor Ed Lee again for not loving alcohol as much as he apparently does. In between sips of cheap beer, Warcorpse666 details how our mayor has made "some of the supidest comments" he's heard from a mayor.

He spends six minutes detailing why bars (and liquor stores for that matter) should stay open all night long. He also reminds Lee, who was quoted in the article saying alcohol at certain hours is a bad combo with traffic, that happy hour and rush hour coincide. Plus, he says, allowing bars to stay open all night gives drunks a chance to pass out at the bar and not drive home, thus decreasing the drunk driving accidents out there.

He then ends his rant by telling Mayor Lee, who we're guessing hasn't seen this, to "grow a pair."


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