Teeny Tiny Hoarder Lives in Golden Gate Park's Teeny Tiny Tree House

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Readers have been amused (as were we) by the extra small, possibly rent-controlled, tree house in Golden Gate Park. So who's living behind this mystery door, you ask? A compulsive hoarder, that's who.

Richmondsfblog.com revealed some disturbing images of what life is like inside this teeny tiny tree house:

Hoarding is a real-life struggle

We expected to possibly see a squirrel passed out in front, but never did we think the city's smallest residence would be occupied by a packrat who's suffering from this very real psychological disorder.

We feel overwhelmed just looking at this mess; someone please call the extreme team before the city sees this clutter.

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hplovecraft topcommenter

Tiny hoarder or not ; how long before some ' techie ' shows up with an overbid offer and

out he/she goes !

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