St. Patrick's Day Advice: Order a Luxor Cab Because It'll Be Cheaper to Puke in

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Call Luxor Cabs
Come Sunday, if you've had one too many Irish Coffees, definitely call a cab. But try to puke before or after you get in the taxi.

Why? Because it's gross and the cleaning fee will probably be more than your bar tab that night.

As we understand it, the fee for blowing chunks in a San Francisco cab is costly -- $100, which is $50 more than what it would cost you if you puked in a NYC cab or Chicago taxi.

If you know yourself well enough to prepare for your potential bad behavior now, then perhaps you should jot down the phone number of Luxor Cabs; if you yack on one of their hacks, it figures to be substantially cheaper.

From 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. on Sunday/Monday, Luxor Cabs will be offering free rides anywhere in San Francisco for those of you trying to get home after celebrating at bars and restaurants. There is a catch: Riders have to remember to say the words "Berg Injury Lawyers," which is the program's sponsor, in order to get their free ride home. Also, the free ride is capped at $35 -- anything after that, you have to pay.

If you toss your cookies (or your Guinness) during your Luxor ride home, you'll still be on the hook for the $100 cleaning fee, says Lee Houskeeper, "old-time press agent" speaking on behalf of Luxor Cabs. But get this: The puker could conceivably deduct their $35 free ride from the total barf bill, Houskeeper says.

Some quick back-of-the-cocktail-napkin math says that, assuming you were using the entire $35 ride, then it would cost you only $65 if you puke.

And that's news you can really use.

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$65 for a puke and a ride home is a bargain by many standards. One may even be able to write it off, given proper circumstances. 

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