Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to Perform a Trash Exorcism on Dolores Park for Easter

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This doesn't exactly make you hungry for lunch now does it?
As you adults already know, Easter isn't just about chocolate bunnies, it's also about queer nuns.

Although the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence -- who formed their queer sisterhood on that sacred Sunday in 1979 -- are always devoted to helping the community (even if it means crashing conservatives' dinner parties), they're getting extra dirty this weekend with plans to clean up the popular, and thus, trashed Dolores Park in honor of Jesus' resurrection.

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You're invited to participate in this Trash Exorcism Saturday, the day before the Sisters' annual blowout Easter celebration, which will, sadly, get the park all messy again.

The cleanup is a collaboration with the Dolores Park Works, which, the Sisters say "have keen first-hand knowledge of the damage the continuous stream of trash is doing to the park and the local community's ability to use Dolores for recreation and events."

If picking up cans of Tecate and Bi-Rite sandwich wrappers makes you lose your appetite, then consider this incentive: The Sisters promise games and a full picnic spread from Dolores Park Café, Bi-Rite Market, Delfina, Ike's, and Namu Gaji. Yum!

All your hard work on Saturday will be helping the queer nuns prepare for their annual Easter bash thrown, complete with Hunky Jesus contest (which, by the way, is guaranteed to be hunkier than the Mr. Marina competition), burlesque, and bonnet-off.

So if you were planning to spend the next few days basking in the sun at Dolores Park, be sure to clean up after yourself or be prepared to face the Lord's wrath (in drag).

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