Cops Find Assault Rifle That Was Stolen From Police Car

Motohide Miwa via Wikimedia
That's a big gun
You can come out from under the bed now. San Francisco police announced they have located and recovered the AR-15 that was taken from an unmarked police car over the weekend.

Sgt. Michael Andraychak sent out a quick e-mail letting the public now that all is well: "As the theft of this rifle was a concern to public safety, Chief Suhr wanted the recovery of this weapon to be announced immediately."

On Saturday, police parked and secured their vehicle while working in SOMA when someone broke into the car and snatched one of the Police Department's AR-15 rifles.

Police issued a teletype for the missing firearm, which is used to train cops to handle high-risk incidents. Police said they didn't spare any resources looking for the gun, but they didn't elaborate on how they came across the weapon or whether anyone was arrested.

Now let's just hope the cops won't have to put that gun to use any time soon.

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So everyone is completely fine with continuing to allow trigger happy police officers with an authority complex to carry semi-automatic "assault" rifles with "high capacity" magazines?

These officers carry their weapons through the streets daily and obviously do not secure them sufficiently. If a group of policemen opened fire on your innocent family members' car (like the LAPD did TWICE while hunting Christopher Dorner.) would you rather they used 9mm pistols or 5.56 rounds and an AR-15? 

The disparity between citizens' rights and those of law enforcement is becoming increasingly larger. We would be wise to bring an end to the current unaccountability and ridiculously high discretionary power that police officers currently enjoy. 

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