Go See This Baby Tiger at the SF Zoo This Weekend. Seriously.

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All babies are angelic and lovely before sprouting into angsty, trouble-making teens, and this 5-week-old Sumatran tiger recently born at the San Francisco Zoo is no different.

Here's your chance to have a gander at this cute cub before she (it's a girl!) too grows up into a sharp-toothed teen. On Friday and Saturday, the San Francisco Zoo is opening its doors (but not cages) for a few hours to the public so everyone can see how off-the-charts adorable this tiger is.

There are a few rules that you most definitely want to adhere to, so as to not piss-off Leanne, the baby mamma of this precious package.

baby tiger-1222.jpg
Marianne Hale/SF Zoo

Recommended etiquette while in the lion house: Shut up and walk quietly; follow the instructions of Zoo staff and security, and obviously, remain behind the barriers -- you don't want up-close and personal face-time with these felines.

If the cub and Leanne are in their nest box, feel free to watch them, but don't expect much activity -- they pretty much sleep and nurse at this point. Do not make noises or attempt to wake them.You don't want to experience a grumpy, nursing tiger mom.

The Zoo can't guarantee that Leanne and the cub will show themselves for sure during these viewing hours, from 1 p.m. to 3 pm., but it's worth a shot -- just look at that face.

Marianne Hale/SF Zoo

The cub, who was born on Feb. 10, has yet to be named. However, you could attend ZooFest on May 11, a fund-raiser for the zoo, where you'll have the chance to give the baby tiger her own alias.

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