Boozed Up Bro Commits Ultimate Party Foul: Punches Cop

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Alcohol almost always influences you to do stupid things: make out with that ugly chick/dude, take a crap on BART, drive your mother's car, or call a news station claiming you saw a UFO.

Go ahead and add punching a cop to that list.

San Francisco police arrested a 37-year-old man who was either drunk or stupid or both when he allegedly assaulted a cop trying to break up his party.

According to Officer Albie Esparza, police were called to 25th and Connecticut streets at about 11:16 p.m. on reports of people drinking and being loud.

When the cops advised the revelers to get lost, they did -- all but one guy who decided to return to the party that was no longer a party. As the officer started to approach the party for one, the guy decided to it was time to turn the volume up on this party, and punched the cop in the face, police said.

After that, the party was really over. Police arrested the guy who was taken to county jail, which, from what we've heard, is no party.

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hplovecraft topcommenter

"..from what we've heard , is no party."...Sheriff R. Mirkarimi's County Jail ?

Sworn to continue in the ' beer and pizza for the inmates ' tradition ( practically )

of Sheriff Hennessey ? Moot..

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