Sabryna Bell, S.F. Woman, Accused of Kicking Toddler at Local Playground

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No, this photo is right side up
A 24-year-old woman was arrested yesterday at a children's playground for allegedly misbehaving like a grade school bully.

At about 4:30 p.m., a father and his soon-to-be 2-year-old daughter were having a good time at the Children's Playground in Golden Gate Park when Sabryna Bell, a San Francisco resident, walked by and allegedly kicked the girl in the chest for no apparent reason.

Officer Gordon Shyy says Bell's unprovoked fury didn't end there; she then allegedly walked over to another parent and child at the playground and threatened to kill all the kids.

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Bell took off, but didn't get very far before she was handcuffed by police. She was booked into San Francisco County Jail and charged with assault with deadly weapon, criminal threats, and inflicting injuring against a child. She was also booked on outstanding warrants.

Shyy says the toddler, who received only minor abrasions from falling after the kick, is visiting from out of state and is supposed to be the flower girl at a local wedding.

If all of this is in fact true, let's just hope Bell has no kids of her own.

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I'd venture to bet she's not actually from San Francisco, but just moved here a few years ago. SF attracts crazies. GG Park is one of few places with the surrounding resources to enable humans to live in the park like beasts. Its clear she's mentally ill, but that's not everyone else's fault. Lock her unruly ass in a mental hospital for some help and safety.


What the heck is that "M" on her shirt.  It looks like the tip of a penis.  That's nasty!


Another good reason for the police to start arresting the junkies and bums and getting them out of the city. Who the fuck kicks a 2 year old? Animals. 


@triple4prod Your solution provides these people with none of the help they need, and only pushes the problem onto others. 

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